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Turning my passion into a job!

Since a young age I have always been an animal lover, it was only natural as my family has been in the pet care business since I can remember. Being with animals comes naturally to me and after wondering what to do with my life, it seemed only right to give my love to other peoples dogs! I myself have 3 dogs, 2 horses, 2 cats and a snake, and still have lots of  love to give to your fur babies.
I have completed a dog training course with IMDT and I am currently doing a dog behaviour course online. As well as this I have 4 years experience with my own dog walking business. Having previously done this job part time, then full time since leaving college. As well as helping with my mums business from the age of 5 onwards. I have come across many breeds, temperaments, ages and have done a lot of online research to expand my knowledge of what dogs need to live a happy life.