1 Hour Group Walk                         £12
2 Dogs from same household       £22
1 Hour Weekend Walk                  £15

In the morning or lunchtime, usually 10am and 12pm. Time does not include the time spent on journey. These are usually done at our private field, the woods or public fields. Up to 5 dogs per walk, all dogs are socialised.
Weekend walks can be done at a time to suit your needs.

Puppy Visit                          £12

30 Minute visit, done until puppy is old enough for socialisation and walks. Times available on request.

Solo Walk or Training Walk             £17

After 2pm, for unsociableable  dogs or dogs which require some training. Done at our private field where it is safe and there are no distractions.
Training walks are 45 minutes and usually focus on re-call and lead pulling. Personalised training is available per pup to suit their needs

2 Hour Walk                         £20

Equivalent to 4 hour day-care. Your precious pup will be taken on both the morning and lunchtime walk and get double the exercise.

30 Minute Walk              £10

Subject to availability, times available on request.

House sitting              £45

We offer house sitting locally, to give you the best peace of mind whilst you are away. £45 per 24 hours, for 1 dog including 2+ walks. +£5 per additional dog.

Cat Visit               £10 for one visit

                             £14 for 2 per visits day

AM or PM feed or both.